Touch - The Forgotten Language of Love

For 15 years, from 1975-1990, I had the opportunity of living and studying with the great Enlightened Mystic, Osho. During his lifetime (Osho left his body January 19, 1990), his Academy for Meditation, Spiritual Therapy, and the Healing Arts, in India, was the most multi-dimensional and largest 'Inner Growth' Training Center in the the World. My work during this time was directing the Healing Arts Department, as well as giving sessions, teaching Yoga, and leading the Rebalancing and Craniosacral Trainings. There were over 100 of us, from all countries and every imaginable background- giving sessions, leading classes, and conducting longer trainings.  Over 5000 people were participating in the activities at any one time.  It was out of this open environment, under Osho's direct guidance, that ARUN Tacto Consciente was born. One spring evening, 26 years ago, Osho was talking to a few of us about human touch and life energy, and he helped open us up to a new way of giving and receiving sessions. What Osho was sharing is as relevant and timely today as it was then. As I tune into his beautiful words, I can still smell the magic fragrance of the flower "Queen of the night", with each breath. And I can say from my heart that it is true and it works...

There are so many 'keys within keys in these words of Osho. What touches me deeply is Osho saying that touch is "the forgotten language of love", and that massaging can lead into deep meditation. This means that we can all 'relearn' this forgotten language. The Basic Training in ARUN Tacto Consciente is designed to help the participants relearn and utilize this forgotten language of touch and meditation. ARUN is dedicated to the ongoing evolution of creative human touch. It recognizes, and teaches that we are "body" and "consciousness" as a living organic unity. Rooted in a deep appreciation and respect for the human body, ARUN nurtures love and awareness for all the natural functionings and interactions of the "Human Energy Field".

Conscious Touch is not only a technique to be learned. It is learning to feel directly in »this moment«, the touch... without judging, analyzing, or comparing.