ARUN Trainings

ARUN Conscious Touch~ the meditative experience that transforms lives

In the mystical meeting of Spiritual Love and inner Awareness, ARUN Conscious Touch is born.
ARUN is lovingly dedicated to the on-going, conscious evolution of creative Human Touch.

ARUN recognizes that our Body is the “greatest mystery in the whole of Existence”, and it teaches that we are actually a vibrating Electro-magnetic Energy Field, infused with Consciousness ~ as a living organic unity.

ARUN Conscious Touch is a “Gift from Osho and the Buddhas”.
Anubuddha and Anasha, two intimate disciples of the Enlightened mystic Osho, who lived and worked in his spiritual Communes for many years, each have devoted more than 40 years to sharing meditation, yoga, Breath, all forms of Eastern and Western healing Touch, cleansing, nutrition, celebration and love for the Body, emotional honesty, energy awareness… and they have taught 1000’s of people from all over the world the art of conscious touching, vibrant health, and meditation.

Under Osho’s personal guidance, Anubuddha actively contributed to the creation of Osho’s International Academy of Healing Arts, as its first Director.
In 1980, he helped create Osho Rebalancing, and then later was one of the creators of Craniosacral Balancing.

In 1988, Osho chose Anubuddha to be his “touch-based Doctor”, and he gave Osho over 150 Touching treatments.

Osho many times praised his work… and even said publicly:
“Anubuddha is our best body worker… very sensitive, very alert, very loving, and very successful.”

ARUN could also be called “Essential Education”, as you will learn a new, vibrant and meditative way to live in your physical body; a more creative and positive way to use your mind/brain; and you learn how to allow your natural subtle energies and total sensitivity to flow… moment to moment, in all areas of your life.

ARUN is “Conscious Touching as an inter-active Meditation".

You experience the essence of the whole spectrum of Healing Touch…

from off the body, to very light, silent touches, rocking rhythmical touches, deep connective tissue touch, organs and hara awareness touch, energy line and meridian touching, spinal balancing, CranioSacral sensitivity, Tantric energy and Chakra awareness, glandular and vibrational touching the touch of “Metta” or “loving kindness”, and the natural healing Breath of Meditation.

“Each and every touch is like our Breath… it only happens once and is incomparable…
ARUN is not a technique ~ you learn to use your touch to promote health, flexibility, sensitivity, energy flow, and even more importantly ~ as a door to expanded consciousness…
Love, meditative awareness, radical acceptance and the natural wisdom inside the body is what heals”.

Anasha & Anubuddha can help you experience your Body, Vital Energy, and Inner Consciousness as an “organic unity”, and learn how to share this ‘treasure of understanding’ with your friends or clients in a meaningful way.

The understanding and awareness in ARUN or ‘inner energetic anatomy’ and ‘creative touch’ will enhance whatever approach to health, touch, movement, and the body that you are interested in.

If it is the first time you looking into these subjects it is also perfect, because the atmosphere for learning and sharing that Anubuddha and Anasha create is very inspiring and original, full of humor, depth, spontaneity, and compassion.

They have the ability to help you learn and to trust in your own intuition at the same time.

Everyone is welcome.