Meaning of ARUN

A world where East meets West; "ancient wisdoms" embrace 21st century discoveries; and where "the Body is the greatest mystery in the whole of Existence".

The Sanskrit meaning of ARUN is "the light of dawn", and it is used as a metaphor for spreading "the light" of inner consciousness and sensitivity throughout the body.

In Spanish, "AR-UN" is a joining of 2 words: Armonia (AR) and Universal (UN), and means "Universal Harmony".

For us, ARUN Conscious Touch is synonymous with Life itself. Human Touch is a very big subject... rich and complex beyond measure... multi-dimensional and amazing in its potential and implications. Touch always and only happens in "Just this Moment"- never in the past, nor in the future. Conscious Touch can not ever be a technique- it is always here-now, and no two touches are ever the same. Conscious (and un-conscious!) Touch flows in and out of all our senses, and in fact, we touch with much more than just our hands and feet. The English expression "being touched" is used very significantly. You may use it without understanding what it means, when we say we were "touched by a person or experience". Our whole daily life consists of "touching and being touched ": our eyes touch what we see and receive touch; our voice and breath touch others and we all are touched by the vibrations of sound all around us; food touches and renews our energy; water touches; heat touches, cold touches...I could go on and on. Thoughts touch: your thoughts affect your moods, your muscles, your nerves, your heart...and these thoughts immediately affect and touch the people and things outside of us. "Love" touches; Fear touches. Meditate over this... Can you see why everyone needs to learn and develop and utilize the insights and experience contained and shared in ARUN Conscious Touch? This learning is essential and fundamental to a healthy, creative, meditative, and joyous life.

For a multitude of reasons, we feel that what happens through the Conscious Touch has tremendous value and hidden alchemical potentials, and that with the right education, this can be learned and utilized by anyone. We also feel that what transpires, or comes to the light, through the conscious Human Hand and touching is one of the greatest mysteries and miracles in all of existence.Did you ever observe that the way you touch the people, the animals, the plants, and the things (objects) around you, clearly demonstrates how you feel about them? Human Hand is a place where our inner love and awareness meets and interacts with what is outside of us. Our whole personal history and present psychology is in our hands. The average person has never taken the time to intimately feel and become aware of the life force in their hands ?from inside?. If you do, it will change your life. Love and awareness simultaneously flowing through your hands, in whatever activity, always brings joy.

So we say, "thank you" to all Buddhas (enlightened mystics) of the Past, Present, and Future for revealing to us how Conscious Touch and the Human Energy Field (or Body) can be the Bridge to Meditation and Universal Harmony.

Buddham sharanam gacchami

I go to the feet of (or; I take refuge in) the Buddha- the Enlightened One.

Sangham sharanam gacchami

I go to the feet of (or; I take refuge in) the Sangha  (the spiritual Commune) of the Buddha- the Enlightened One.

Dhammam sharanam gacchami

I go to the feet of (or; I take refuge in) the Ultimate Law of the Enlightened One.