About ARUN

Started in 1994 by Anubuddha and Anasha (two intimate disciples of the Indian Mystic Osho), ARUN is a meditator's vision of the body, human touch and life energy. ARUN is dedicated to the ongoing evolution of creative human touch. It recognizes, and teaches that we are »body« and »consciousness« as a living organic unity. Rooted in a deep appreciation and respect for the human body, ARUN nurtures love and awareness for all the natural functionings and inter-actions of the Human Energy Field.

ARUN Conscious Touch is needed in the world today, because "love" and "awareness" are disappearing. In all areas of life and culture, we can see that tension, fear, aggression, untruth, and destructive behaviors are multiplying and infecting everyone- even our children. A totally new kind of education and vision is needed in the world, today. An "Essential Education", where people are re-introduced into silences of the heart; in other words, into Meditation, or "watching inside". Where everyone is trained to be compassionate and aware towards their own body...because unless you are compassionate and aware of your own body, from deep inside, you can not and will not be loving and open to other people.

Conscious Touch is not only a technique to be learned. It is learning to feel directly in »this moment«, the touch... without judging, analysing, or comparing. Touching with the attitude of »Tathata« or »unconditional acceptance«, the Natural life in the body and learning how to use your touch in a safe, intimate way that helps the body relax and the inner awareness expand. ARUN could also be called, »Interactive Meditation«. ARUN is deeply rooted in Osho's vision of »the 3 M's «(Music, Mathematics, and Meditation) and the »Psychology of the Buddhas«. Its potential is immense.

For 30 years, we have been exploring the mystery of the human body, mind and heart and spirit, learning from the East and the West many simple and direct touching and healing methods. The understanding and awareness in ARUN of »inner energetic anatomy« and »creative touch« will enhance whatever approach to touch and the body that you are interested in. (Even in your own love life!)

In the Human Body, the Craniosacral tides, the Breath, the Heartbeat, and the electro-magnetic field are all gateways into »this moment« and can all be utilized consciously for meditation, relaxation, health, and inner vitality. The Brain and spine, all the joints of the musculo-skeletal system, and its nerves can easily be contacted in an way that promotes well-being. The synergy of muscles, organs, and energy centers, when touched with awareness and sensitivity, can be experienced and appreciated by everyone. When we keep it simple, look deeply, and are not afraid of spontaneous life energy (including tension, fear, and pain), ARUN conscious touch becomes a way of sharing health, love, and the essence of meditation.