Individual Sessions

Remember this... each touch is like your breath- it only happens once, and can never be repeated. Try not to compare “this touch” to any other touch. When you compare, you lose presence. There is giving and receiving in each touch. For the touch to be truly meditative, it needs to be non-judgmental, and have the quality of “Tathata”- Buddha’s word for unconditional acceptance of what is. (This is almost impossible for the average bodyworker! Most systems train the session giver to depend on judging and analyzing, in one form or the other). We use the touch “to watch inside”, (without trying to change anything), moment to moment, without fear, and without expectations- feeling each touch with all our senses and centers of perception open and alert. Trust in your intuition, trust human touch, relax and enjoy! Love, awareness, radical acceptance, and the natural wisdom inside the body is what heals."

"ARUN Conscious Touch" is lovingly dedicated to the on-going, conscious evolution of creative Human Touch. An ARUN session could also be called "Interactive Meditation", where the presence and awareness of the "giver" as well as the "receiver" is equally essential. This is what makes ARUN Conscious Touch so unique among all Bodywork techniques. It flows through and incorporates the entire spectrum of touch possibilities. We have created a meditative fusion of all the great Eastern and Western healing discoveries. Sometimes we use very soft, silent touching, focusing on the natural breath in the body, or the precious heartbeat, or the oceanic breath of the craniosacral system. In an individualized progression of sessions we include Whole body massage, promoting relaxation and inner tranquility. We use moving, rhythmic, liquid touches, focusing on spinal rebalancing, sensory nerve flow, and each individual musculo-skeletal articulation. Deep pressures, (freeing the fascia and connective tissues), round 3-dimensional touches, focusing on energy lines of Thai Yoga Massage, Indian Tantric Yoga, and Japanese Hara Awareness, are employed to release tension and pain in the deep, intrinsic muscles of the Body. Running as a thread through all the sessions is the touch of 'Metta', (or loving kindness in the words of Buddha), and with this sensitivity we bring energy to the Face, Head, and Heart Chakra, as well as other glands and centers within the Human Energy Field. And most importantly, we share the Touch of Meditation; Dynamic meditations of Osho, silent sittings, laying down with awareness, and guided touching and inner anatomy exercises enable the client to understand and appreciate the value and beauty of watching inside and just being yourself, without trying to change anything.

We use the touch to promote health, flexibility, sensitivity, and more importantly, as a door to expanded consciousness. ARUN is a loving touch that is relaxed, alert, and non-judgmental.

Anubuddha: "Very difficult to explain the essence of ARUN in a few words: It's a very big subject, with many facets, and it needs to be an inner experience. But, I will try... ARUN Conscious Touch is a meditator's vision of the body as a 'vibrating Human Energy Field', and is a very potent tool on the path of 'Self-Realization'.

Most people today do not 'really know', or appreciate the wisdom and mystery of their own physical body, mental body, emotional responses, energy flow, senses, and inner awareness. Without this inner knowledge and awareness we live in constant unnecessary tension, worry, fear, doubt, anger, pain, and are disconnected from the Vibrant Health, that is our natural birthright.

Conscious touching, inner moment-to-moment witnessing, and breath awareness are the fastest ways I know to correct the problems in the physical body. The tension and fear in the mind, which permeates the body tissues and skeleton, starts to disappear the more we are able to connect with our own inner silence and spiritual life sources. With this bodymind relaxation, the deep electro-magnetic/glandular centers (chakras) expand and become more conscious and sensitive. When your body movements and daily behavior are "in touch" with the present moment, you create the space for health, love, creativity, and well-being within yourself. Hence the name ARUN: Universal Harmony."

We ask the person receiving ARUN Conscious Touch to use the touching, the moment to moment sensations, the feelings, and inner anatomy awareness as a personal meditation... Allowing all the energy to flow without fear, appreciating the beauty of "watching inside" or just being herself without trying to change anything.


An average ARUN session is 60-90 minutes, with time for silent relaxation and meditation and sharing. A good ARUN professional has a tremendous love and gratitude for their own body and consciousness. They learn how to feel the touch directly in 'this moment' - without judging, analyzing, expecting or comparing. Touching with the meditative attitude of "Tathata" or "unconditional acceptance", the natural life in the body and he/she has learned how to use their touch in a safe, intimate way that helps the bodymind relax, and the inner awareness to expand."